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Our First Meeting Was A Great Success!

1 Sep Michelle Brooksbank - Man to Ray

Featured Student Work: Michelle Brooksbank – Man to Ray

Thank you so much, everyone who attended our first meeting today- we had an unexpectedly enormous turnout, and everyone was excited about what this year can bring! We collectively made an awesome banner for the club that will be hung tomorrow (9/2) at noon in the Cougar Mall (meet by the cougar statue), feel free to come and help us if you’d like to.

Also, we have an amazing new logo! Thanks to our Vice President, James Wine, for the awesome design.

VAC Logo 2011

VAC New Logo

Everyone brought fantastic ideas to the table- so many, in fact, that we decided to start a club committee for Fundraising and Events that ANYONE can join even if you didn’t attend the first meeting. If you’re interested in helping out, and you have ideas or connections that will help us fundraise and plan fun events for everyone this year, please email cofcvisualartsclub@gmail.com with the subject line “Committee” and we will add you to the list.

Here are some ideas for this year that were brought up at the club meeting today, which we definitely plan to implement this year:

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Minutes 8/25/11, VAC officers meeting

26 Aug

Last night was the first VAC officers meeting for the year. Everyone seemed excited and eager to get the club up and running for the year, and boy, did we cover a lot. The hour seemed to fly by. Here’s a break down of what was discussed:

In attendance: Alizey, James, Erika, Maggie

–       right away, it was decided that James will be in charge of updating the website. Thanks to Alizey for starting up this great new site. We threw out a few ideas for things we want to see on here in the future. They included:

  • the minutes from meetings (yay, first post!)
  • tutorials (ex. how to take pictures of your work) …both that the club creates and links to others we find online
  • reminders about upcoming meetings, with a calendar to keep future events on the radar…while students will eventually know that club meeting are every other Thursday, if they are new to the club or haven’t been keeping up with meetings they won’t know which Thursdays these fall on every month
  • write-ups on upcoming art-related events in Charleston
  • links to other art-related sites; tutorials, events, artists work
  • photos of all submissions to the student run gallery….this way, even those which are not selected get some recognition and exposure

–       next, it was decided that the club will continue to meet EVERY OTHER THURSDAY NIGHT @ 7 pm. The officers meetings will be held on the Thursdays in between.

–       A big goal for this year is to advertise the club and get student involvement up as much as possible. Therefore, our biggest concern right now seems to be club promotion. We decided on a few things to get the word out about VAC right away:

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