About VAC

The Visual Arts Club (VAC) at the College of Charleston’s mission is to foster an active community of emerging visual artists, arts managers, art historians and art enthusiasts on the College of Charleston campus through meetings, workshops and events. 

Activities include group shows, community leadership and outreach, workshops, group discussions, student art sales and collaborative work.  Artists of all disciplines (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, mixed media, digital art, etc) in any major are welcome to share their work with the club through our periodic exhibitions in the Student Run Gallery in the Simons Center for the Arts, as well as permanently on our online gallery. In doing so, we share a wealth of knowledge and appreciation of art with all interested College of Charleston students. Visual Arts Club is also entrusted with the honor of choosing the curator every year for the school-wide Young Contemporaries exhibition in the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.

Members can be from any department at the College of Charleston  as long as they are either students or faculty (although you are welcome to bring a non-school-affiliated friend to meetings). Many arts-loving students with non-art-related majors find Visual Arts Club a fun way to explore their creative side and participate in the school’s artistic community while sticking to their existing college curriculum.

Your 2012 officers are:

President: Sage Graham

Vice President: Stuart Grant

Secretary: Crystal King

Treasurer: Dan Klein

Gallery Coordinator: Blake Wright

Co-Gallery Coordinator: Sarah Harris

Faculty Advisor: Jarod Charzewski


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