Online Student Gallery

You can reach our online student gallery here:

  CofC Visual Arts Club Student Gallery

All submissions will be accepted from CofC students only.

Submissions for the Visual Arts Club Online Student Run Gallery can be emailed to

Please put “Gallery Submission” in the title. Submit your work with a filename including your name, title, dimensions and medium for ease of indexing, e.g. YourName_Title_SizexSize_Medium.jpg;  also include this information in the email.

Make sure your submission photos are of sufficient quality to determine the quality of your work- adequate lighting, no blur, and no dimensional warping are all necessary to accurately judge your art. This guide is an excellent resource for learning how to photograph your artwork accurately.

We upload all submissions on a rolling basis to the VAC online gallery; this way, everyone gets to have their work shown even if it doesn’t get into a student show.

If you are not comfortable with your work being featured on our site, please indicate so on your submission; also email us if you want a URL or other information included with your work. 

We will feature standout works from the online gallery alongside new posts on the Visual Arts Club Blog. Please bear in mind that being featured on the site has no bearing on inclusion in an exhibition.


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