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8 Sep Molly Martien - Norway

Featured Student Work: Molly Martien – Norway

WHAT: ART TALK #1: Informal group art discussion. This week, we will focus on contemporary art of all types. Bring in work by artists you like, and talk about it with others.

WHERE: Simons 309 (Art History Room)

WHEN: September 15th, 7pm

CofC Visual Arts Club is introducing a new series of ART TALK events, the first of which will take place next week! We invite participants to bring in a brief slideshow of pictures  of work by one or more of their favourite artists to share with the group and encourage discussion of the work, through both opinion and analysis. If you’d like to include some background on the artist, great, but it’s not mandatory: there is no pressure to present in front of the group! Simply bring in work you like so we can all talk about it and learn from each other about amazing art. Students and faculty are all invited to increase the richness of our discussions. We will have a different guiding topic for each event, whether it be a specific medium or a specific style. These will take place periodically throughout the semester, possibly once a month.

Feel free to simply look, listen and learn if you don’t feel like actively participating! This is a great chance to discover amazing art you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Next week’s Visual Arts Club meeting will be our first ART TALK! This week’s topic will be Contemporary Artists (any art produced since World War II). Thursday September 15th, Simons Art History room 309 at 7pm.

If you’d like to participate, bring in several photos on a thumb drive to the event or email them (with artist/title info) to cofcvisualartsclub@gmail.com and we can add them to a group slideshow for you. Try to stick to 2-3 photos per artist; include as many artists as you like!

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Fall 2011: First Meeting of the Year!

25 Aug

Thursday September 1, 2011 – 7pm

4th Floor Simons Center, Room 422 (take the elevator by the sculpture room to the 4th floor and follow the huge neon pink signs)

We will be designing a banner to advertise the club on the corner of St Philips and George. Come have some fun with art supplies! Absolutely anyone is welcome, bring supplies if you want, but we will have some ready for you. Meet this year’s new officers! Also, check out Visual Arts Club’s new website for news and more cool stuff: https://cofcvisualartsclub.wordpress.com/

After this meeting, we will continue to meet every other Thursday at 7pm in room 422 for the rest of the fall semester.

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