Minutes 8/25/11, VAC officers meeting

26 Aug

Last night was the first VAC officers meeting for the year. Everyone seemed excited and eager to get the club up and running for the year, and boy, did we cover a lot. The hour seemed to fly by. Here’s a break down of what was discussed:

In attendance: Alizey, James, Erika, Maggie

–       right away, it was decided that James will be in charge of updating the website. Thanks to Alizey for starting up this great new site. We threw out a few ideas for things we want to see on here in the future. They included:

  • the minutes from meetings (yay, first post!)
  • tutorials (ex. how to take pictures of your work) …both that the club creates and links to others we find online
  • reminders about upcoming meetings, with a calendar to keep future events on the radar…while students will eventually know that club meeting are every other Thursday, if they are new to the club or haven’t been keeping up with meetings they won’t know which Thursdays these fall on every month
  • write-ups on upcoming art-related events in Charleston
  • links to other art-related sites; tutorials, events, artists work
  • photos of all submissions to the student run gallery….this way, even those which are not selected get some recognition and exposure

–       next, it was decided that the club will continue to meet EVERY OTHER THURSDAY NIGHT @ 7 pm. The officers meetings will be held on the Thursdays in between.

–       A big goal for this year is to advertise the club and get student involvement up as much as possible. Therefore, our biggest concern right now seems to be club promotion. We decided on a few things to get the word out about VAC right away:

  • A notice is going to be sent to the school to appear on the “upcoming opportunities for involvement” newsletter that goes out several times a week
  • Erika volunteered to draw up some fliers and get them approved and put in the dorms. This is a great way to market to the freshman, whom she says are eager right now to get involved in anyway possible.
  • We are going to make a banner to hang next to the others in the center of campus by the cistern. This will be the club activity for next week. Maggie will be getting the sheet. Do we need to think about getting together any other materials for this project?
  • Poster for the student run gallery. James is making a temp. to advertise the meeting next week, but we’ll come up with a more permanent design next Thursday
  • Alizey is going to write up a short email to the faculty to make them aware of the club and encourage them to let their students know about us
  • TALK IT UP! All of the officers should be spreading the word. We all take studio arts courses….we’re sure to find a few interested students in all of our classes

–       Erika suggested we set up a linked Gmail message board for the club officers. This would be an easy, convenient way for the officers to communicate. She also mentioned that there was a calendar on the Gmail system we could possibly use to keep track of deadlines and events. We hope to get this set up as soon as possible

–       We also talked about designing a new logo for the club. Bring sketches to the next meeting, where we’ll toss ideas around as a group

–       For students whose work is not “wall-hangable,” we thought it’d be nice to find other areas around campus to showcase their work. Short shows might be able to go up in the library. We’ll investigate opportunities for this further this semester

–       It was brought up that the College is still looking for student-art to hang in the visitors center

–       Another idea for the club this year was to hold free workshops. Both a career development workshop and a sock puppet workshop were suggested as possibilities….obviously, we’re open for anything at this point J

–       Aside from club promotions, what seems to be the most pressing task at hand is choosing a curator for young contemporaries. In order to avoid the inevitable stress that will come from putting off this task for too long, we came up with a plan of action for the next couple of weeks to get the ball moving:

  • Alizey offered to draft out an email that we can send to possible curators. She will email this to us by Monday
  • All of the officers have agreed to forward on this email to five possible artists/curators by next weeks meeting
  • In order to avoid sending more than one email to the same artist, Alizey is going to start a facebook message thread where we can keep track of who we have sent it to. Make sure you check the list before you send out any new messages and post the name of an artist as soon as you have sent it. We will eventually switch this list over Gmail

–       At some point, we will also have to select a rewards selector. This will more likely be someone local. Keep any ideas in mind. Frank McCauley was suggested

–       Information on the VAC needs to be updated on the studio art department website. We need to figure out whose in charge of this and make it happen

–       T-shirts are still available. Talk about future sales is still on the table

–       A possible fundraiser was suggested on gessoing the canvases left in the studio from last year. We need to KEEP ON THIS to make sure the canvases don’t get thrown away before we get our hands on them. Selling these canvases back to the students would be a great fundraiser for the club

Look forward to seeing everyone at weeks meeting!

– M


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