Our First Meeting Was A Great Success!

1 Sep

Featured Student Work: Michelle Brooksbank – Man to Ray

Thank you so much, everyone who attended our first meeting today- we had an unexpectedly enormous turnout, and everyone was excited about what this year can bring! We collectively made an awesome banner for the club that will be hung tomorrow (9/2) at noon in the Cougar Mall (meet by the cougar statue), feel free to come and help us if you’d like to.

Also, we have an amazing new logo! Thanks to our Vice President, James Wine, for the awesome design.

VAC Logo 2011

VAC New Logo

Everyone brought fantastic ideas to the table- so many, in fact, that we decided to start a club committee for Fundraising and Events that ANYONE can join even if you didn’t attend the first meeting. If you’re interested in helping out, and you have ideas or connections that will help us fundraise and plan fun events for everyone this year, please email cofcvisualartsclub@gmail.com with the subject line “Committee” and we will add you to the list.

Here are some ideas for this year that were brought up at the club meeting today, which we definitely plan to implement this year:

  1. Set up student group shows off-campus (Locations suggested: Back of Reed Bros, Bogarden for sculptures, Remedy Market, Noisette Navy Yard for sculptures), where students can sell their work and people can donate to VAC at a booth while local bands play. These would be on weekends.
  2. Canvas repurposing/repurposed canvas sales: take the old art from the painting studio that is about to be thrown, gesso over the canvas and sell it back to the students at a discounted price.
  3. Hold a community outreach fundraiser: collect art supplies (or funds for art supplies) for underprivileged kids in the area who enjoy art but can’t afford the materials; also, have a VAC art workshop for kids in the area, possibly Mitchell Elementary(?). If you know a specific group we can reach out to, or have connections with a local organization that can help us with this, please email the club!
  4. Fund a field trip, possibly to New York art museums, for all interested students
  5. Group art projects, such as a group installation, mural or large-scale sculpture
  6. Frequent Art History/Contemporary Art talks: everyone brings in pictures and information from an artist they like, and shares with an interested group; this way we get “the best of the best” from each other’s Art History and Issues and Images classes in one session, as well as contemporary artists we know of and want to spread the word about. Possibly dedicate months to specific art types to give the discussion more of a focus?
  7. Workshops for various skills and crafts- if you have a skill you want to share and would like to lead a workshop, email cofcvisualartsclub@gmail.com! Ideas included stencil workshops (in conjunction with spray painting or spray bleaching items and clothes), a sock monkey workshop, embroidery and needlework. Email the club if you have a great workshop idea you’d like to share.
  8. Set studio group hours — advertised on the club blog/calendar —  for VAC members to come and work in the painting, drawing and sculpture studios as a group to make our studio time more fun.
  9. Set up a temporary wall somewhere outside on campus (WHERE? IDEAS?) as an ongoing student street art exhibit. Tape plastic to the ground to protect the street.
We’d love even more of your feedback, so please shoot us an email if you have any ideas (however small) to make this club more fun for everyone!
Michelle Brooksbank - Man to Ray

Michelle Brooksbank - Man to Ray


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