VAC Officer Elections

22 Aug

We will be holding elections for all CofC Visual Arts Club officer positions for this fall semester on Thursday, August 30th at 7pm  in the Independent Painting Studios on the 4th floor of the Simons Center (elevator near the sculpture studio)

Anyone is welcome to apply, even if you’ve never attended a club meeting in the past. This is your chance to make a difference on campus and bring the arts to our student body! If you’re a new student interested in the arts, joining the club as an officer is a great way to make friends.

To apply for a position, simply attend the election meeting on August 30th to present your ideas to other club members.

Pizzas and drinks will be provided!

Positions open are:


Responsible for programming club events,  creating fundraising activities, marketing club activities, setting goals for the club and coordinating other club officers in their duties. Officer must be present as a CofC student for the entire 2012-13 school year.


Responsible for assisting the President in the above duties.


Responsible for taking notes at club meetings, maintaining the club blog and assisting at club events.


Responsible for managing club funds, assisting at club events and assisting in the creation of fundraising activities.

Gallery Coordinator

Manages and installs the student-run Visual Arts Club gallery exhibitions through online calls for submissions.


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