Officers’ Meeting #2: Great Ideas Proposed

10 Sep

Featured work: Julie Heffernan– Study for Self-Portrait as Growth

This week’s meeting went great! It seemed that all of us were fueled with excitement from the awesome turnout last week, and the discussion centered around the ideas brought up at the last meeting.

We invited those who were interested in starting a committee for volunteer work and fundraising to the meeting this week, and those who were able to attend seem really enthusiastic about a few ideas for this year. We decided on a few things, which we will discuss in detail at next week’s meeting and in later posts:

  • Our first fundraiser will be gessoing over and selling back old student canvases under threat of disposal from the art department. We hope to get our hands on these canvases as soon as possible to get this started. We should hear back from the relevant authorities in the next few days to get the ball rolling. Email us if you’d like to volunteer for either the gessoing session (which should be fun!) or the sale.
  • We would like to use the funds we raise this year for supplies for fun on-campus art workshops and community outreach through workshops for underprivileged kids, screening art films, and a field trip to visit art museums in either New York, Chicago or Philadelphia; the location will be put to a club vote very soon.

If you are still interested in volunteering for the fundraising/events committee, but missed last week’s meeting, don’t worry! Please email with the subject line “Committee” and we will add you to the list.

Also discussed were the many calls for submissions of art in the community as of late. Keep checking the VAC website for updates and new opportunites to get your art out into the Charleston community. Monday, September 12th is the last day submissions will be accepted for the September show in the student run gallery. If you have any work you think will be completed by then, be sure to get it in to us. The work that has been submitted so far looks great!

The officers have been working at getting emails out to possible curators for the Young Contemporaries Exhibition in the spring. Thanks to all those who sent in names of curators/artists. Responses are coming in, and we already have a few amazing artists who are interested; this post’s featured artist is one of them! Feel free to email any more ideas for curators to


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